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PotD: Jean Claude Van Damme has a Heart Attack

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While on the set filming the upcoming movie "Weapon", Jean Claude Van  Damme suffered a heart attack. Good thing life alert was there for him. Too bad they couldn't save his career. Click on the image for more info.


PotD: The Original Blue Power Ranger came out of the closet

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After years of disappearing off the face of the earth, David Yost, (the original Blue Power Ranger from the 90's hit show The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers) came out of the closet. He also notes that he left the show because of the cast and crew harrassing him about his sexuality. For further details, click on the picture.


PotD: Justin Bieber gets hit in the head with a water bottle by a fan.

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The feminine pretty-boy pop-star Justin Bieber, has never showed an inch of masculinity...until recently. Bieber gets smacked in the face with a water bottle by a fan...and walks it off like nothing!!!! Maybe there's hope in this girly hair swooping celeb.



Potd: The Blackstar Warrior

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A Star Wars prequel thats filmed in a Blaxploitation style and stars Lando Calrissian and Han Solo ? This already sounds better than Phantom Menace!



Potd:The St. Elsewhere Tommy Westphall Theory

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For those who don't know, St. Elsewhere was an NBC hospital drama series that lasted from 1982-1988 and started Denzel Washington's career.  The series is most infamous for its series finale, where it is relieved that the entire show took place in the imagination of a child with Asperger's Syndrome who's name is Tommy Westphall (On a side note, it's also known that the ending to St. Elsewhere is sometimes voted the worst ending to a television series competing with shows like The Sopranos, Mork & Mindy, and Family Matters).  The one thing that the writers for Elsewhere didn't consider are the 18 shows that had direct tie-ins, cameos, and mentions with the story.  What does this mean? Tommy Westphall's imagination created 280 plots to television shows that only exist in his head. Pretty heavy stuff eh? The link goes into more detail on how this is possible and includes a graph on how all 280 shows are associated with Elsewhere.



PotD: Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza…allow me to explain….

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My brother send me this site late last night. I was in awe to find that someone on the internet would make a series of pictures with these three things.   I salute you mystery Tumblr user, you are a Five-Star Internet General.


PotD: Leaked Thor Trailer

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Some guy who worked at this years Comic-Con leaked the Thor theatrical trailer. So far, it looks like train wreck. What do you think about it? Post your comments below.



PotD: I Can Has History

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Everybody here at Ayo Internet!!! love LOL Cats. Heck, even our future logo owes credit to the captioned feline pictures. Here's a picture that has a detailed history on this awesome meme.

- Mike


PotD: Justin Bieber running away from a pack of twelve-year-old girls…on a Segway

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I love this guy's nasally commentary on the situation